About the author

Who is this guy?

You may learn all you need to know about the author--me, Eric--by reading about those who have influenced me most and to whom I am grateful, in the page Now Let Us Praise Excellent People.

I am very sorry to edit this page in 2010, but certain individuals have proven incapable of respecting others' privacy. I'll remove as little as I can. It won't hurt the Netherlands story!

How did this site come to be?

It came about because my new US job actually started in the Netherlands, and I knew I would have few acquaintances there, and I thought myself relatively handy with the English language and with a camera. The convergence of these interests with my Dutch adventure and with the brand-new (in 2002-3) blogging technology was irresistable.

Back up a second--why the new job?

(Your author takes a long breath.) My previous employer, who shall remain nameless except that it is based in Atlanta, is the world's best-known brand, and provides 2% of the drinking fluids of the human race, thought it would be a good idea to try the following: [edited here to:] Try to damage Eric's career. Which ended up leading to my NL wonderful position and this blog. Now, yes, this previous employer is welcome to brag that they laid me off, and that sort of corporate carnivory makes certain people all bloody and warm and giggly inside, but as I told them when I left the building for the last time: the contract to sell my house closed two days earlier.

And, oh hey: Thanks for the severance!

Stop stalling--who are you?

Sheeesh, what are appearances, career, etc. to one's real character? Probably best I don't answer, lest I provoke unreasonable fright in half the population and uncontrollable envy in the other. Besides, you can probably divine anything important about me by reading between the lines of this blog, Downwind of Amsterdam.