Downwind of Amsterdam
November 2002

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November 2, 2002

First interview -- Illinois

The headhunter could have arranged a better flight: it was well after midnight when I pulled the rental car out of Midway airport. I drove north on Cicero and missed the freeway entrance. If I had been awake I probably would have been frightened.

The hotel was next door to the hotel where I'd stayed in July--in fact, my room looked into my previous room.

The interview day was to the point and brief. When I left at 2:30 or so, I was exhausted--in my current job I have become out of practice in dealing with smart people, one right after the other. I strolled around the riverside village of West Dundee, but being cold and windy and gray and quiet and bare-limbed, it held a bit less charm than it had in my July visit, when the trees were full and birds skimmed the river's surface.

The next morning a real estate guy drove me around. Bartlett seems like a nice town, close to work (if I get the job), not too expensive, and on the rail line to downtown Chicago. Largely an older town. I felt better about being able to afford to live there. One glance at an area like Barrington, and you feel your whole financial life passing before your eyes.

He dropped me off, I had lunch and dropped the rental car at Midway, and I got home in Orlando for dinner. An unremarkable trip, aside from the quality people I met. One could certainly do worse than work among people worthy of respect.

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