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October 2002

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October 10, 2002

Dinner with the Dutch

Two weeks ago, or so, a good friend interviewed for an opening (not mine; something else) at Quest, where in July I had made my secret scouting trip. He raved about the people he met, and he was pretty happy with the facilities and the work, too. He told me I have to go full speed on this.

And today some of them visited Minute Maid: two fellows from Chicago and three Dutch scientists from their facility in Naarden. Since in my current job I don't really work directly with the flavor companies, I told them I wouldn't be joining them and our product developers for dinner tonight. My friend rolled his eyes and told me I had to go. At the end of their afternoon seminar, I asked if I might change my mind.

Excellent move. I showed up at La Scala, up in Altamonte Springs. By this time, one of them must have figured out that I was "that other Minute Maid guy who applied to Chicago," and told the others. I said nothing remotely referring to my possibly working with them, and they were enormously discreet around my Minute Maid coworkers even as we chatted about a variety of subjects. They were all of them delightful, educated conversationalists, and liked good wine and food and didn't worry too much about appearances so long as there was enough thinking and laughing going on. Definitely my kind of people, for a change.

I was surprised and delighted to have gotten along so well with the Dutch fellows. This could get interesting.

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