Bored on the 4th of July

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written Sunday 4 July 2004

Bored on the 4th of July

Sunday morning, Fourth of July. A bit jet lagged. I get out of the hotel room, cruise in the rental car down to Bartlett, my future home town if they ever finish my apartment. I'm hoping to find something to eat. What I get is...a parade.

The local yokels are displaying flags in the most respectful possible fashion.

Also on display: American compact cars. (European friends--not really.)

Though some of the parade floats were a bit more modest. And I sure felt safer to see the local police keeping tabs on those Girl Scouts. In the current climate here these days, it's considered wise to be very suspicious of everyone.

You too can own your own business, build a career of the very most fulfilling work. Exploit your Independence Day parade as a marketing opportunity.

I turn away from the parade a moment, look just behind me. Construction of my condo seems to be going slowly.

Quick--what country am I in?

But it is a fine day, even a beautiful day. My first full day back in the US. For several weeks I will be in a hotel room, driving a rental car, eating in restaurants, still separated from my piano, most of my books, my music, still on dial-up internet, hoping I get into the condo and get all my stuff back, all my clothes back, before the season changes to..., yeah--Winter.

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