Een klein cadotje

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written Sunday 4 July 2004

Een klein cadotje

A little gift for my Dutch friends. Only a picture, a little map that summarizes all the rides over the past year. Thank you for creating a place where such rides are possible and safe. And thank you for keeping your nation and the rides beautiful, utterly photogenic. On the map below, every turn, every microscopic nip and tuck on the map carries memories of towns, meadows, forests...and sometimes of intersections where I wondered just where I was, GPS or not.

Perhaps the map is not much to give you in return. But consider that it was won with endless scars on my shins from hauling the bike on and off trains, with endless tickets for me and the bike, with innumerable bottles of water and packets of rozijnenbrood, with rides across Bussum in the dark after a long train ride home, of evenings planning how to make a decent day's ride from one train station to another distant one, while following the border.

So, the rides follow a trace that may remind you of something. I offer it in thanks for all that the rides mean to me.


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