current status (27 June 2017):
In the Netherlands a year, but now I'm back in the US.
I have summarized as well as I can (see below),
and I've moved on to my US life.

Total of 413 days as a resident of the Netherlands.
4741 days back in the US.

Gentle Reader: The story of Downwind of Amsterdam closed in 2004 with the summary post "Bricks, Water, Peace". Thanks to all contributors and commentors. Be well.

The three most widely commented posts, by far:
  One Night in Naarden Makes a Tired Man Mumble, (my hallucinatory interview trip),
  Man, I don't 'Get' Zwarte Piet), and
  Rolling By, Beneath my Window.

Two more often-commented posts: Passing for Dutch, and Keukenhof is Paradise.

29 January 2010

DOA lives!

Howls of protest—and thanks to both of you!—met my plan to take down Downwind of Amsterdam. So I'm happy to announce right here that these archives will stay available to all until at least July 3, 2014, the 10th anniversary of my departure from the Netherlands.

Now, Gentle Reader: I've had to edit out a small amount of personal but happily irrelevant material. Someone used some personal data against me. No harm done or great surprise--such is the world--and I took the chance to clarify some wording as well. Indeed, the blog now reads a bit better than it did originally.

Here's hoping you continue to find DOA as fun and enlightening to read as I found it to write. Bless you all for your support, and: I almost apologize for your blog-bleary eyes or your boss' over-the-shoulder disapproval.

posted by eric at 4:06 PM CST (US)